The craftsmen and their techniques

Behind each table, the craftsmen

A company committed to the sustainable development of its region

In every decision the craftsmen are committed to the sustainable development of Petit-Saguenay and the Saguenay Fjord area. The company acquired the town’s old grocery store and completely renovated the building, making good use of wood. For Didier and David, renovating this vacant building was also a commitment toward the revitalization of the town center.

While Didier shapes the wood for the tops and the legs, David forges the crosspieces and the parts that will embellish and solidify the tables. Before realizing the final assembly, the pieces of wood are covered with a coat of epoxy resin or a layer of ecological oil finish.

Didier Gaudreault

Wood furniture,
Didier's passion

Didier Gaudreault is a self-taught cabinetmaker gifted with a natural talent. Being a young father, he decides to build his own house using the technique of the post-and-beam framework. His love for wood then becomes clearer. He realizes his first solid wood kitchen table for his own dining room and dreams about being a full-time cabinetmaker.

« Didier sees in each tree layer all the subtleties that will give character to a kitchen table »

David Gaudreault

the art of the Ancients

David Gaudreault has always been passionate about blacksmithing. He acquired most of his knowledge thanks to Denis Lebel a master blacksmith. David has been forging since 2005 and has realized many impressive works. His interest for architecture and for antique furniture shows through his works.

« David’s work exposes laces, volutes and organic patterns »

Live edge tables

Although each table is a unique execution, it always begins with the same step: choosing the tree slice that will be used in its design. At this stage, pieces having an outstanding natural edge are picked. The craftsmen specialize in freeform or live edge tables which means that the form of the tree slice chosen is preserved in order for the the table to keep a natural aspect.

« The natural curves distinguish the live edge tables of Les Ateliers Bois de Fer »

Sustainable products

Not only do the craftsmen use trees from Quebec to make their furniture, but all the yellow birch and maple trees used in making the tables are harvested within a 20-kilometer radius from the workshops, then sawn and kiln-dried by the craftsmen themselves.

The use of solid wood and the quality of assembly techniques provide solidity while ensuring durability. Furniture at Les Ateliers Bois de Fer are designed so that they can be passed from one generation to the next.

« Each table is entirely assembled in Petit-Saguenay with wood from the Saguenay Fjord forests »

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