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What finish should we choose for a kitchen table?


You have an elegant kitchen? You are looking for something glossy and clean? Choose the epoxy resin finish. For a kitchen a little more old-fashioned, just choose the rustic oil finish. Between these two choices, the glossy or mat varnish will match well with any type of kitchen.

What is the ideal finish with a young family?


With a finish in epoxy resin, you will not have to worry about any mess! There will be no stain, no liquid ingress and you will have a high-quality finish that will not go unnoticed. See our finish chart for more information.

What size to choose for a dining table?


You are looking for a dining table for a small kitchen area or an apartment? A 36 in. x 56 in. will suit 4 people. However, a table measuring 36 in. x 72 in. will be ideal for a family and will sit 6 people. You have a large family and like to have company? Then the 40 in. x 84 in. will be very convenient for 8 people.

Where can we buy a table from Les Ateliers Bois de Fer?


All our basic models are available on our Website. You can buy a table directly online. You can also buy a table from les Ateliers Bois de Fer at our showroom in Petit-Saguenay. Contact us for an estimate on any future home-made project.

Can a hardwood table go outside?


All our tables are manufactured for indoor use. It is strongly recommended not to use them outdoor even if they are sheltered. Variations in moisture would probably cause the wood to warp or the iron to rust. For outdoor tables, contact us for a home-made product.

How should I maintain my table that has an oil finish?


The oil finish gives a rustic look to our tables, but requires more care. All you have to do, is to add a fine coat of oil with a soft and clean cloth every year to keep its youth. We supply natural oil of linen and citrus fruit with all our tables having an oil finish.

How should one wash a solid wood table?


The type of finish is a key factor when choosing which cleaner to use on a solid wood table. We usually recommend the use of soft soap with a damp cloth. It is always best to dry the table properly after washing. The epoxy finish is more resistant, but abrasive soaps should always be avoided on our tables.

Will the wood warp over time?


The wood keeps on living through the lifetime of the table. In order to prevent warping, avoid drastic changes in moisture and keep your table away from any source of intense heat, such as a woodstove.

Will the wrought iron rust?


Our wrought iron has a coat of varnish in order to preserve its beauty and to protect it against corrosion. However, it is essential to choose the right location for your table. If the iron is exposed to bad weather or excessive moisture, it is possible that it may rust.

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