Policies and warranties

Manufacturer’s declaration

All products supplied by Les Ateliers Bois de Fer are made with new materials and are of high quality. Each product is unique. The wood’s live edges vary from one product to another.


A one-year warranty covers all products by Les Ateliers Bois de Fer. This warranty starts from the date of receipt and covers all manufacturing defects.

A manufacturing defect is a major anomaly such as:

  • Seal opening of more than two millimeters
  • Broken part
  • Excessive warp of the tabletop or the wooden legs

The warranty does not cover damages caused by improper use of the product or from elements beyond the control of Les Ateliers Bois de Fer, for example:

  • Changes in humidity of the place where the product is located
  • Misuse of the product (stains, scratches, outdoor use, furniture installed too close to a source of heat)
  • Poor maintenance (overuse of cleaning products, use of abrasive products, etc.)
  • Permanent exposure to direct sunshine
  • Improper installation by the client
  • Improper transportation by the client when moving
  • Natural disaster
  • Normal wear of the product
  • Rust appearing on the wrought iron caused by excessive moisture
  • Incidence of checking or splitting, except on the tabletop
  • Incidence of rings caused by heat on the epoxy resin.

However, Les Ateliers Bois de Fer can repair a tables that is damaged from misuse or for any other reason that is not the responsibility of the manufacturer. Simply contact us for a quote.

To file any claim, the customer must present an original copy of his purchase, including photos of the condition of the product and a detailed description of the problem. Upon validation of the responsibility of Les Ateliers Bois de Fer, any repair will be made at the manufacturer’s expense, including transportation costs.

Les Ateliers Bois de Fer reserve the right to replace the original product by an identical or similar product.

Les Ateliers Bois de Fer offers a warranty on any damage occuring during transportation. Any claim regarding such damage may be made directly to the manufacturer with the approval of the carrier.

Method of Payment

Products bought through the online shop are 100% payable before manufacturing. The payment must be made by credit card or through the Stripe platform.

For custom-made products, 50% of the payment must be given before starting the fabrication. The balance is payable on delivery. For any request on custom-made products, contact us.

Return Policy

Les Ateliers Bois de Fer will accept returned merchandise for reasons other than manufacturing defects (lack of storage space, change of mind, moving, etc.). The furniture must be in good condition and will be bought back at 50% of its sale value upon presentation of the original copy of the purchase, pictures showing the condition of the product and a description of the reasons for the return.

There is no possible return on home-made products.


Delivery time is between 2 and 8 weeks from the date of payment.

An email will be sent to the customer one week in advance before the delivery date. A second email will be sent to the customer to inform him of delivery between 48 and 72 hours. The carrier will make an appointment with the customer within 24 hours of delivery. The customer must be present at the time of delivery. If not, additional fees of $125 will be charged and a second appointment will be scheduled.

Access to the delivery point must allow room for a pallet measuring 48 in x 96 in, and be free of obstacles.

Delivery costs vary from region to region. It is also possible to pick up your merchandise without charges at our workshop, by prior appointment. Tables are also available at showroom prices at the workshop of Petit-Saguenay.

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